• How do I register my JIO number?

To register your JIO number, kindly visit the JIO Lottery official website to open and fill the registration form with your information. This way, you get registered in the contest too.

  • Is there any JIO lottery?

Of course, yes. JIO is providing cash prizes for interested individuals under the KBC Lottery Show.

  • How to check KBC JIO lottery winner 2020?

To check the KBC winner list, JIO updates its list featuring the winners for every season. To confirm and claim your prize, kindly contact us via our JIO KBC official website.

  • How do I contact the JIO head office?

Our customer care service team is always available to offer you all kinds of assistance that you need. Our JioCareteam can be reached across several platforms, including WhatsApp, E-mail, and so on.

  • What is the secret behind ‘Gharbaithejeeto jackpot’ in KBC?

To every game is their unique tricks, secrets, and hidden paths. However, the secret behind winning KBC lottery basically is to participate over and over again. The more your entries, the better your chances of winning.

  • What are the surprising prizes of JIO KBC play along?

In our contests at JIO, there are several surprising prizes that all participants can win. However, it depends on the conditions by which the contest sponsors are playing. Nonetheless, typically, persons are open to win a trip to the USA, motorbikes, trip to Malaysia, and several other exciting prizes.

  • If someone wins 25 lakh rupees in KBC, how much is taxable?

In tandem to Indian tax rules, for every winning, you are expected to pay up to 31.20% as tax. That is to say, for every 25,000,00 cash prize won, you have to pay 7,80,000.

  • What is the JIO Head Office Contact Number?

You can reach out to us here for any of your inquiries about the JIO KBC Head Office. You can also contact us via 0019188444111

  • How do i make a complain about a fake call from KBC lottery winning?

You need first to confirm that the number is fake from JIO KBC Head Office Number. If confirmed, then proceed to complain such that you are prevented from receiving such types of calls in the future.

  • Where to check Jio lottery winners list for 2020?

Here, we can provide you with all sorts of information about the winning prize. Our list is regularly updated, so you can alwayscheck and claim your prize.

  • What are the past ‘Kaun Banega Crorepati’ winners doing today?

Well, what they do is peculiar to them – it is a personal decision. However, what else would you do if it were you who won a prize of 1 crore or 7 crores? Obviously, you will change your lifestyle, your home, cars, and so on. In a nutshell, you will improve your spending power such that it is better than your past life. So, we believe the same is what our previous winners are doing.

  • I rejected a call from KBC What I can do now?

Actually, only lucky persons receive calls from KBC. However, if you, either by mistake or anything else, reject the call, then, we are sorry, KBC Head Office number will never call you again, or else, of course, you contact their head office to tender justifiable reasons.

  • Who is the owner of JIO SIM?

The founder and past owner of this company also own the JIO Sim, in the person of Mukesh Ambani. However, he is not the recent owner as JIO has launched several shares in the market, which also includes a board of directors who have shares in the company too.

  • Are there lucky draws in JIO?

JIO lucky draws are executed under the program of KBC Kaun Banegacrorepati game shore, wherein holders of the JIO sim card can participate and, of course, win prizes too.

  • What is the full name of JIO?

JIO is an acronym for “Joint Implementation Opportunities.”

  • How to fix JIO not receiving OTP for registration?

Firstly, you will need to fill in your first name and last name, then your mobile number. After that, you can generate your OTP. However, if after several trials you still did not receive your one-time password, then you can call the helpline to help resolve your issue.

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