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JIO Lottery Winner Introduction

Warm Welcome from the Team Jio ! JIO Lottery winner is a well known Lottery Scheme running in India under the registration of JIO Mobile Platform (Reliance Group). To participate in Jio Lottery one should have Registered & Activated Sim Card of JIO Mobile Company. There are some easy rules & regulations to get registered in the Jackpot Scheme. We are elaborating that for the convenience of JIO Lovers, Simply recharge your JIO Sim Card, Jio Head Office Number & Get Registered in the Contest which can provide you countless opportunities to Win Mega Cash Prizes worth Thousand Lacs. Some prizes denomination is 10 lac, 25 lac, 35 lac, 1 Crore & the bumper prize is worth of 7 Crores. Interesting & Mouth licking prizes ? So, hurry & rush for registration to grab your prize today. Team Jio wish you all the best to win exciting prizes to change your future by fulfilling  your dreams.

JIO Lottery Winner

How do I register my Jio number?

Visit JIO Lottery website to open registration form & put your information to get registered in the contest.

Is there any Jio lottery?

Yes, sure, Jio is providing cash prizes under the platform of KBC show.

How to check kbc jio lottery winner 2019 ?

Jio Lottery Winner has updated list for every season winners, contact for your prize confirmation.

How do I contact Jio head office?

Jio Customer care team is available to assist you, you can call them, whatsapp, email & chat them directly.

What is secret behind ‘ghar baithe jeeto jackpot’ in KBC?

every game has some tricks, hidden paths & secrets ! Jio KBC Secret is to participate first of all to win ghar baithe jeeto, make more entries to increase your chances to win.

What are the surprising prizes of Jio KBC play along?

there are many surprising prizes in Jio contest, it depends on that particular condition that which sponsor is providing which prize, mostly you can win motorbike, rtip to USA, Malaysia & other prizes also can be surprising parts.

If someone wins 25 lakh rupees in KBC, how much is taxable?

As per indian tax rules you are required to pay 31.20 % on Lottery Amount. According to this calculation you have to pay 7,80,000. tax amount from 25,000,00. cash prize.

What is Jio Head Office Contact Number ?

You can contact us here for JIO Head Office inquiries 0019188444111

How to complain about a fake call from KBC lottery winning?

You should confirm it from Jio Kbc Head Office Number about fake call & make a complain against it to prevent these type of calls in future.

Where to check Jio lottery winners list for 2018? can provide you information about your winning prize to check it fast & claim your prize.

What are the past ‘Kaun Banega Crorepati’ winners doing today?

What would you do if you win a prize of 1 crore or 7 crore ? obviously you would change your home, car, furniture, make bankbalance, change your life style totally, same happened to that winners, now they are spending much better life than their past.

I rejected a call from KBC What I can do now ?

KBC call is received to lucky peoples only, if you rejected the call so sorry they would never call you again untill you contact their head office number to make justifications.

Who is the owner of Jio SIM?

Mukesh Ambani ? yes,the founder of this company and past owner, but not recent owner as the company has launched shares in the market and also have a board of directors having shares in company.

Is there any lucky draw in Jio?

Jio lucky draws are held under the program of KBC kaun banega crorepati game show in which JIO sim card holders can participate & win prizes of lucky draw.

What is the full name of Jio?

Jio is abbreviation of the “Joint Implementation Opportunities” which is company managed by its directors and shareholders.

How to fix Jio not receiving OTP for registration?

1st of all fill out your first and last name, enter your mobile number, hit the Generate OTP button, if not receiving the code after several tries, call the helpline to resolve your issue.


Is your smartphone ready for Jio’s True 4G Internet?

To enjoy our network at its fullest use a 4G-LTE smartphone.

For best performance, ensure your phone has the latest software.

Disclaimer: RJIL does not sell devices. Devices are sold by the device manufacturers / retailers.

JIO Prize Winners

KBC Winner of 35,000,00 Amount

Mis.Sarita Regmi

KBC Winner of 25,000,00 Amount

Ms.Laxmi G

Winner of 35,000,00 Amount

Mr.Arvind Singh Lodhi

Bumper Prize 7 Crore Winner

Mr.Satish Kumar

Mega Winner of 1 Crore Prize

Mr.Rohan Mali

35,000,00 Prize Winner of KBC

Mr.Kunesh Rastogi

10,000,00 Prize Winner of KBC

Mr.Vinod Kumar

1st Prize of 7 Crore Winner

Mr.Tejaswi Prasad

Mega Winner of 7 Crore

Mr.Geeksho Jarwal

10,000,00 KBC Prize Winner

Mr.Harish Laxman Jadhav

35 Lac KBC Prize Winner

Ms.Dilip Bhguji

25 Lac Prize Winner of KBC


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