JIOLOTTERYWINNER.COM welcome you to our website and also for your interest in one of India’s favourite TV Shows, the KBC Lottery Winner Show. Typically, this program was designed exclusively for the legal citizen of India. To be a legal citizen, you must have attained the age of 18 years and above. Therefore, any Indian who is above the age of 18 is eligible to participate in the KBC Lottery Winner Show.

Indians that aren’t residents of India can also register for the contest, irrespective of the country they might be residing at the moment.

Across India, many persons are already familiar with this show. However, in case you aren’t too aware, let JIO Lottery Winner quickly brief you about this jackpot winning show. KBC, which is an acronym for “Kaun Banega Crorepati,” is a show which started as early as 2001 as an inspiration copy from the famous British game show titles “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.”

So far since its establishment, the KBC lottery game has seen to the completion of a total of eleven (11) seasons, with all seasons having success records. However, noteworthily, Indians seemed to enjoy the eleventh season of the KBC lottery game the most.

The season 11 series of the show ended with three mega lottery winners of 1 core prizes each. KBC winner list also gets updated after the end of each season. To check the updated list of winners, you can navigate to the “winners’ section” of ourJIO KBC official website.

The official team of KBC has also introduced yet another facility that you can reach out to – the KBC head office number. You can either call or WhatsApp the official numbers of the KBC Team.

However, you should note that when you call or WhatsApp us, it is essential that you state your primary purpose of contact, this way it will be quite easy for us too to assist you accordingly.

Asides calling or WhatsApp, you can also write to them via the KBC official email address. Consequently, you will be painstakingly guided as regards Registration Session, JIO KBC Winner List checking, Confirmation of Lottery Prize Amount, Information about the upcoming seasons, information about fake calls and how it can be approached, and several other necessities.

Should you win, we advise that you contact the KBC Head Office Number almost immediately either by calling or by sending a text via WhatsApp. Also, as a winner, you can conveniently check your name via the self-help guide of our website’s “winners’ section.” Our lists of winners are updated even up to the 2019 season.

Also, in case anyone calls you, introducing himself as a member of the JIO KBC Lottery Team, we advise that you first contact us via the numbers provided on our “contact us” page for further confirmation. In response, the official team would take the required stepsagainst these people.To get more updates and information about the KBC show next season, including news and schedules, endeavour to keep visiting our website.


KBC, with the full name, Kaun Banega Crorepati, is a popular TV game in India which is based initially on the popular British TV program, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. Here, people are open to win cash prized by just providing answers to relatively simple and straightforward questions. KBC lottery game was first aired on India’s Prime TV channel – at least for the first three seasons, that is 2001 to 2007.

The lottery game was commission by Sameer Nair and his team of hard-working programmers. And for the last nine seasonscontinuously, KBC has been airing on several other famous TV channels, including those produced by the Big Synergy Productions. Over the years, KBC winners show has been one of the most trending and most-watched programs in India.

Recently, in the yar 2019, the show came back with its eleventh seasons which featured several celebrities from all walks of life. Many regarded the 11th season of the show has the best that has ever happened.


This is some great news for all KBC, Kaun Banega Crorepati viewers! Now you don’t have to go through the whole stress of registration if you want to participate in the game. Now, KBC is connected to all SIM card companies that are operating in India.

That is to say, automatically, your SIM card can also be added to the 2020 KBC lucky draw, and you may be the lucky winner for this new season. Therefore, it is essential that you stay connected with KBC, you can also get more information and updates on our website too. In the same vein, be careful of fake calls and SMS.

There is a current warning that you need to heed to, too; “Don’t receive fake lottery calls from these PAKISTANI numbers 00923**** and +923*****.” These numbers have been marked to be what these fraudsters are making use of under the canopy of KBC to commit atrocities such as fraud. If you receive any calls or messages relating to KBC lottery or prize-winning, do not hesitate to inform us immediately so we can put you on the right track.


There is yet another newly established lottery information centre for all your KBC inquiries and complains. This is in a bid of helping all KBC customers both now and in the future including for the 2020 KBC lottery winner too.

With this in place, you can now quickly check your lottery on the web through it and also get yourself protected from fake calls and SMS. However, in case you do not or you are not sure of how to check your lottery online, do not hesitate as well to call at the lottery information centre, wherein you can also get your registered lottery number and even monitor the lottery yourself.


Dear customers of KBC, in case you receive any call or SMS that is related to KBC JIO lottery, it is vital that you first confirm if such a call or message is real or fake. To get aware, we have provided just enough information on our official website. This information will make you know all types of fraud that several persons are doing under the name of KBC.

Recently, we have received several complaints of fake calls from unknown numbers, and that is why we had to include this on our home page so you can access it easily. Once again, if you receive any call or even lottery number, report to our head office number immediately.

To reach us, check out our contact us page, or better still call JIO KBC Head Office Number on 0019188444111


  • As a winner, you can collect any info that’s related to your SIM card.
  • We advise that you keep your prize information known to you only due to security reason. You can also reach out to us if you need further explanation about lottery cash.
  • In case you want to publicize your prize, we advise that you allow the company to help you in this regard. This is because if done personally, your SIM can get duplicated by just anybody and therefore harm your family.
  • You can trust us at COMto keep you informed and updated for all potential dangers and even favourable information about the KBC lottery.

In case you have further questions, kindly navigate to our FAQs section.

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JIO Lottery Winner

How do I register my Jio number?

Visit JIO Lottery website to open registration form & put your information to get registered in the contest.

Is there any Jio lottery?

Yes, sure, Jio is providing cash prizes under the platform of KBC show.

How to check kbc jio lottery winner 2020 ?

Jio Lottery Winner has updated list for every season winners, contact for your prize confirmation.

How do I contact Jio head office?

Jio Customer care team is available to assist you, you can call them, whatsapp, email & chat them directly.

What is secret behind ‘ghar baithe jeeto jackpot’ in KBC?

every game has some tricks, hidden paths & secrets ! Jio KBC Secret is to participate first of all to win ghar baithe jeeto, make more entries to increase your chances to win.

What are the surprising prizes of Jio KBC play along?

there are many surprising prizes in Jio contest, it depends on that particular condition that which sponsor is providing which prize, mostly you can win motorbike, rtip to USA, Malaysia & other prizes also can be surprising parts.

If someone wins 25 lakh rupees in KBC, how much is taxable?

As per indian tax rules you are required to pay 31.20 % on Lottery Amount. According to this calculation you have to pay 7,80,000. tax amount from 25,000,00. cash prize.

What is Jio Head Office Contact Number ?

You can contact us here for JIO Head Office inquiries 0019188444111

How to complain about a fake call from KBC lottery winning?

You should confirm it from Jio Kbc Head Office Number about fake call & make a complain against it to prevent these type of calls in future.

Where to check Jio lottery winners list for 2020? can provide you information about your winning prize to check it fast & claim your prize.

What are the past ‘Kaun Banega Crorepati’ winners doing today?

What would you do if you win a prize of 1 crore or 7 crore ? obviously you would change your home, car, furniture, make bankbalance, change your life style totally, same happened to that winners, now they are spending much better life than their past.

I rejected a call from KBC What I can do now ?

KBC call is received to lucky peoples only, if you rejected the call so sorry they would never call you again untill you contact their head office number to make justifications.

Who is the owner of Jio SIM?

Mukesh Ambani ? yes,the founder of this company and past owner, but not recent owner as the company has launched shares in the market and also have a board of directors having shares in company.

Is there any lucky draw in Jio?

Jio lucky draws are held under the program of KBC kaun banega crorepati game show in which JIO sim card holders can participate & win prizes of lucky draw.

What is the full name of Jio?

Jio is abbreviation of the “Joint Implementation Opportunities” which is company managed by its directors and shareholders.

How to fix Jio not receiving OTP for registration?

1st of all fill out your first and last name, enter your mobile number, hit the Generate OTP button, if not receiving the code after several tries, call the helpline to resolve your issue.


Is your smartphone ready for Jio’s True 4G Internet?

To enjoy our network at its fullest use a 4G-LTE smartphone.

For best performance, ensure your phone has the latest software.

Disclaimer: RJIL does not sell devices. Devices are sold by the device manufacturers / retailers.

JIO Prize Winners

KBC Winner of 35,000,00 Amount

Mis.Sarita Regmi

KBC Winner of 25,000,00 Amount

Ms.Laxmi G

Winner of 35,000,00 Amount

Mr.Arvind Singh Lodhi

Bumper Prize 7 Crore Winner

Mr.Satish Kumar

Mega Winner of 1 Crore Prize

Mr.Rohan Mali

35,000,00 Prize Winner of KBC

Mr.Kunesh Rastogi

10,000,00 Prize Winner of KBC

Mr.Vinod Kumar

1st Prize of 7 Crore Winner

Mr.Tejaswi Prasad

Mega Winner of 7 Crore

Mr.Geeksho Jarwal

10,000,00 KBC Prize Winner

Mr.Harish Laxman Jadhav

35 Lac KBC Prize Winner

Ms.Dilip Bhguji

25 Lac Prize Winner of KBC


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